Minister's Letter

Minister's Message for February 2018 :

 Greetings everyone!

As some of you are already aware, Sarah has recently allowed me to write the monthly newsletter so I just wanted to write a small bit introducing myself to you all. I am in my final year at university studying English Literature and I am hoping to work in publishing once I have completed my degree. You will often see me at church with my mum and my two children, Alicia and Dylan. If you would like to include anything in the newsletters or can suggest any changes that may improve it please feel free to contact me. Murray Gallagher has also written a short piece about himself so that more of you can get to know a little about him.

I am Murray Gallagher. I was doing missions and learning with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) last year in Cambridge; we worked a lot with refugees and we got to spend some time with them, sharing life with them. We did a lot of different things with YWAM and as a team, from different projects and missions. I’ve gained a real heart for prayer and worship during the last year … and there might be something like that coming to the Ortons! Before YWAM I was doing work with Youth for Christ (YFC) also in Cambridge; I enjoy working with young people, it gives me life and joy. I hope to get stuck in and see what God has planned for the church and the area.   

Yours in Christ Jesus,       

Kerry and Murray and Sarah